Construct your
own interior

You, of course, want to know what your ideal RV layout would look like. To make that insightful, we built a 3D configurator where you can design your own VAN all by yourself.

Suddenly you know what you've been looking for all along

You don’t have your home decorated with a standard interior, do you? Then why would you have a standard campervan! At VAN-Jorn, you decide your furniture, layout, accessories and colors. In our configurator, you can puzzle with this: drag the modules through the bus, change the colors and get insight into the costs.

Want to make a design for realsies?

Then make an appointment with us in the workshop. Then we’ll show you everything, go over the possibilities and together we’ll create a design including a price quote. Needless to say, without obligation.

Reading all about the Module-VAN at your leisure? We worked everything out in about three emails. We’ll tell you why every VAN is unique, take you through our story, and tell you everything you need to know to put together your own dream RV.